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I've been in a dysfunctional relationship with a meth addict for 6.5 geezerhood. I didn't have a go at it about the drugs until about 3 eld past but I'm jolly convinced he's used the whole clock. His overprotect died 3 years ago and that's when he went off the rails. Hoarding, compulsive purchases, stopped workings, drugs, losers indium our home and unrelenting verbal abuse. I stayed because I loved him Thomas More than I zone sex games respected myself. This past times twelvemonth he has been the worst ever. His "friend" conned him come out of thousands. He style pawned his fomite (lost it), put some other upwards for bring together for another loser friend (had to deal it for pennies when the bond was done), and lost his place to live on. I let him move In 4 months agone and atomic number 2 did get clean for nigh 60 years. Was productive and non gambling. Two weeks past the cycle started once more. He disappeared for 3 days, came home playacting cautious and was spending antiophthalmic factor lot of time atomic number 49 the lavatory, not eating OR quiescence. I'm non vitamin A moron. He's also pawned my engagement ring 3 times. This clock, the day later my birthday. I will never see it again. He has a truck in my service department with the transmission out of information technology and I told him it's over yesterday after he titled me horrible things. I am through merely perplexed until he decides to usher upward. My story is horrible. Any convention person would suppose, why did you stay?!! But everyone here knows wherefore I did and if you know why I'm finished, and then you will live ok too. Even if you're not "there" yet. Love isn't sufficiency and when you and your home are perpetually disrespected and person is nonvoluntary to do the right things, it stops organism your problem. Don't run off all these years like I did. Move on. And yes, my spirit is break, but it's break for the man I once knew. Not who he has turn.

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